a letter for the most beautiful soul

you may spending your morning tea with the thoughts of what will you do after this or where will your next step leads you.

you may spending your noon wondering if you already fixed the things you wanted to fix or you just make it worse.

you may spending your nights thinking about how everything went so wrong and the roads you thought you knew has changed completely and you end up lost at a place you don’t even know exist.

you may thinking too much about things that might or might not happen.

that’s okay. take your time.
if you need more time to think about things, just take it.

because maybe, honey. right now, you don’t need someone new, you don’t need new love, you don’t need any medication.

maybe, all you need now is more time. more time to feel the pain to cure your very own wounds. more time to hug yourself and cry. more time to kiss your loneliness to find yourself again.

so that’s okay.
take your time because it’s all yours now. take your time all you want. take your time and find again, find the most beautiful soul in you that you’ve been forgotten all along.

bagikan jika kamu suka tulisan ini :)

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