a love letter to myself

i’m sorry.
that is one perfect thing to start this letter.

i’m sorry for everything that i’ve done to you. baby, i should’ve protected you.
i’m sorry for making you cry over the same thing. i’m sorry for letting you down over the stupid things. i’m sorry i let you thinking too much until you forgot how to let things go.

i’m sorry for not warning you when you were about to break. i’m sorry for not catching you when you fall so hard. i’m sorry i didn’t have your back when you stand alone and feeling lonely.

i’m sorry for making you hate the mirror because you hate yourself. i’m sorry for making you hate the pen because you hate the poems you made. i’m sorry for everything that you’ve been through alone.

i’m sorry i didn’t hug you when you get cold.

in the future, the road will still bumpy, the storm will always coming, the cold will always make us hate the rain, but baby, i promise you one thing; you won’t face it alone. i got your back. i will never let you fight alone.

do you hear me?
i got your back.

bagikan jika kamu suka tulisan ini :)

2 thoughts on “a love letter to myself

  1. Bolehkah aku minta alamat kamu?
    Agar aku bisa kerumah kamu meminta izin ke orang tua kamu untuk kamu menjadi teman dan pendampingku selamanya menuju Rahmat dan ridla Allahku?

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